Programmatic Focus:
  • Health Education


Participating Communities:

El Estor

Partner Organization:

Alianza para el Desarrollo Juvenil Comunitario (ADEJUC), Programa El Estor

Artistic Medium:

Visual Arts

Illustrating Health Messages
(04/30/2004 - 11/30/2004)
Project Planning
Background and Needs:

ADEJUC is an alliance of youth groups working in urban and rural areas of Guatemala to promote human rights and social change. In El Estor, access to healthcare is made difficult due to language barriers. In particular, many women and children speak indigenous languages and are unable to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Collaborative Goal:

To increase awareness of the partner organization’s mission through art and engage more people in its work.

Project Objective:

By the end of 2001, ADEJUC healthcare workers will have an increased ability to utilize artistic tools to communicate with indigenous women.

By the end of 2001, healthcare information in El Estor will be available in indigenous languages.

Project Description:

The primary goal of this project is to increase the level of healthcare information available to women and children in El Estor that is in Q'eqchi. I will help Miriam, the ADEJUC women's coordinator, to develop art-based activities that are complementary to her women's health workshops. I will help create informational signs in Q'eqchi.

Partner Organization Collaboration:

I will be working closely with Miriam to develop illustrations that will complement her workshops.

Planned Activities:

  • Meet with Miriam to develop useful illustrations to complement her women's health workshops.
  • Create illustrations.
  • Work with local youth to create informational signs in Q'eqchi related to healthcare.

Results & Reflections
Results & Impact: