Programmatic Focus:
  • Leadership Development
  • Community-based Natural Resource Management


Participating Communities:

El Nance (Yoro), Tacualtuzte (Yoro), San Marcos (Atlantida)

Partner Organization:

AJAASSPIB, Bosques Pico Bonito

Artistic Medium:


Exchange among ArtCorps Youth Conservation Leaders
(08/30/2010 - 11/30/2010)
Project Planning
Background and Needs:

There is a need for the youth in small communities to know different parts of their country, different ways of life, value systems, natural environments and community organization to develop a more open mind and a more inclusive idea of what it means to be young in Honduras.

Collaborative Goal:

The "Grupo de Jovenes AJAASSPIB" that operates in the communities of El Nance and Tacualtuzte, will have an exchange with J.A.U.R, the youth group coordinated by ArtCorps Artists Pau Urgell and Caterina Almirall in San Marcos.

The goal is to have the two groups share the work done throughout the year, what each one of us has learned through art, environmental education and leadership development.

Project Objective:

To share, laugh, and value our work and others' work. To meet new friends and create cultural and artistic bridges across Pico Bonito National Park.

Project Description:

Each group will act as hosts and guests to the other community. We will organize a trip to San Marcos and we will host the J.A.U.R group when they come to our valley.

Community Collaboration:

Families for each group member will host a guest from the other communitiy (San Marcos)

Planned Activities:

  • Pre-trip group introduction via video
  • Trip to each other's community
  • Creative facilitation activities to share experiences

Project Resources
Results & Reflections
Results & Impact:

Youth from 4 different communities in Northern Honduras were able to share 2 weekends in each other's homes, learn about different and similar ways of life, and make new friends and links to their identity as Catrachos (Hondurans) and environmental leaders in each of their communities.

Post Objective:

An excellent post objectiva was that the youth from AJAASSPIB met up close with a community that has been able to buy off the lands of their community microbasin, which is a long term goal to the communties of El Nance and Tacualtuzte.


Close collaboration with Caterina and Pau, visits by each group coodrinator to the other's community and logistical and fundraising activities.

Partner Organization Collaboration:

Transportation from Olanchito to Chorrera to see the Chorrera murals worked on by the youth group there under Magu's (Maria de Los Angeles Lagos Lagos), 2009 ArtCorps artist.

Community Collaboration:

The communtiy has been fantastic and this is the project were there has been the highest involvement. They hosted members of the guest group in their homes, helped with transportation and helped with a fantastic fire-pit welcome attended by teachers, members of the Junta de Agua, the town nurses, and mothers of the youth in the AJAASSPIB group.

Community Participation:

Communities/Institutions: AJAASSPIB
Total Participants 20
Total Youth (13 to 25 years) 20 (Young Men 10 Young Women 10)


Youth from both groups maintain communication and plans to visit each other again. Through sharing about resource conservation initiatives, youth from AJAASSPIB youth group are able to see a brighter and possible future for their towns.

Personal Reflection:

The community support received has taught me many lessons on trusting people, and allowing them to wow me with their generosity, love, motherly instincts and outstanding hosting abilities. There was so much trust, from parents to allow me to travel with their children, from the youth, from mothers to host strangers etc.

Post Lessons Learned:

Allow people to surpise you, even at times when you think the project will collapse, your community is more involved than you think, and they will not let you or your project fall if they have been involved and part of it from the begginig. Its suprising, and lovely.