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Programmatic Focus:
  • Leadership Development

El Salvador

Participating Communities:

Community of San Lucas / World Neighbors

Partner Organization:

Oxfam America

Artistic Medium:


Forum Theater, San Lucas
(07/31/2010 - 08/01/2010)
Project Planning
Collaborative Goal:

To motivate and encourage the youth to become leaders of their respective groups in order to establish themselves as community leaders on a cultural level.

Project Objective:

  • To learn to use the performing arts as a way to raise public awareness.
  • To learn the methodology of forum theater as a technique to analyze conflictive social situations.

Project Description:

Forum Theater is a social action tool that can generate an environment in which groups from different locales, organizations, and public sectors can take control on their own to generate significant change in their workplaces, relationships, and other areas. In this way, they can gain an understanding of conflict resolution, affectivity, and effective communication to expand the possibilities of expression and establish direct, active, and purposeful communication between the actors and spectators.

Partner Organization Collaboration:

The organizing was done directly with the artist Elena Rodriguez, who works with World Neighbors, in order to encourage:

  • mobilization
  • increase in participants

Planned Activities:

The conference was held during two days, with sessions from 2pm to 7pm on Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

Results & Reflections
Results & Impact:

The project had little impact as Elena and I had difficulty getting the group to follow the activities, which we both agreed required more time. On a positive note, the youth were lively and tried to take advantage of the opportunity so the difficulties were not due to a lack of enthusiasm.


I think the time to develop the workshop was not suitable, because the youth did not have sufficient time to become motivated to achieve the objectives. Although the process was slow at first, it did become quite animated yet failed to achieve its group objectives.

The difficulties were caused by the variation in the ages of the participants. The workshop was intended for teenagers, but younger children came that we had to include. While the objectives did not change much, the activities were modified in such a way that the workshop lost its specific focus on forum theater and incorporated aspects of integral theater as well.

Partner Organization Collaboration:

The coordination was done by Elena and she worked to increase the number of youth who would attend the workshop.

If we were to do it differently, I would recommend monthly activities to monitor and support the proposed activities.

Community Collaboration:

Due to the varying ages and skill levels of the participants, theater games and activities were a good way for the youth to support one another and work together.

In the future, maybe it would be wise to not undertake such ambitious projects that are detrimental to the processes of the youth in the communities.


In each of the projects, I intended to allow things that would give way to sustainability, but again time was a major factor and so we did not attain the effects that we had expected.

Personal Reflection:

While I do not consider the project a failure, it is evident that it requires more time and monitoring for it to be successful and sustainable. The workshop was certainly eye-opening and will challenge me to adapt as I undertake other similar projects.

Post Lessons Learned:

To be visionaries with the projects and not focus so quickly on the processes.

To propose monitoring, provided it does not hinder collaboration.