Naphtali Leyland Fields
Artcorps Alumnae/us

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Naphtali completed her studies in Bilingual Theater, a degree that combines her passions for writing, theater and Hispanic language and culture. She particularly enjoys working with women and has carried out two extensive projects addressing femininity: one in Chile, the other in Chicago.

Whether teaching ESL or directing a play, her leadership style is participatory. Naphtali considers her role to be primarily that of facilitator, helping a group express its needs/thoughts/ideas and shape these into a cohesive whole. While supporting ArtCorps' partnersip with Servicio Jesuita para el Desarrollo and Oxfam America, Naphtali used theater-based education to promote dialogue and behavior change around women's rights and gender-based violence.   

She believes that through art we learn to see through the eyes of others and to express our own perspectives with self-respect and love. In particular, theater provides a safe space for both personal expression and community mobilization.

Personal Statement

I’ve grown up fishing on a remote island in Alaska every summer of my life. Physical labor and blue-collar workers are close to my heart. However, when I entered college, and subsequently the art world, I felt alienated from the people I grew up with. The art I learned in school does not attract people who work with their hands or who live in rural places.  ArtCorps excited me because it blends together the two things that I most love: rural communities and art for social change.

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